Eva’s tenures with United Nations agencies include working with UNICEF Madagascar on analysis and assessment of WASH programs from a gender perspective and the Madagascar Country Office Programs to assess institutional effectiveness of gender mainstreaming and evaluate impact for change and formulate recommendations and key actions based on analysis of collected data (qualitative and quantitative).

She also worked as a Gender Advisor for the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Ivory Coast and as a Gender Trainer for the UN Department of Integrated Training Services. As part of some of her assignments she developed customized training materials and RBA materials depositories tailored to the needs of specific audiences, such as peacekeeping staff, including military, police and civilians. 

Gender Expert

Project: Consultancy for UNICEF WASH Priority Studies
Client: UNICEF Madagascar
Duration: April – October 2018
Location: Madagascar / Home-based

Peace-building Expert

Project: Design & implement peace-building workshops
Client: UPP / UNDP
Duration: January 2016 – January 2017
Location: Iraq / Home-based

Gender Trainer

Project: Gender mainstreaming in peace-keeping operations
Client: UN Department for Peacekeeping Operations
Duration: April 2012 – April 2013
Location: New York, USA & global

OIC Gender Advisor / Head of Gender Unit

Project: Gender mainstreaming in peace-keeping operations
Client: UNOCI – UN Peacekeeping Operation in Abidjan
Duration: September 2008 – September 2010
Location: Ivory Coast