In Eva’s words, conflict transformation starts from within, when each person takes personal responsibility for the way they communicate, the way they agree to disagree; from gaining a perception that conflict is an opportunity and the understanding that we each have a leadership STAR within and are able to hold the vision regardless of where we are and what happens.

Eva conducts trainings and workshops on conflict transformation with diverse groups in conflict and post-conflict zones, mainly in Africa, Middle East and East Asia. Some of her target audiences include grassroots women organisations, political women peace activities, women and men working in the non-profit sector, at the European Union or at the United Nation peacekeeping missions.

With Dalit Eliahu she co-founded One Whole Peace – an organisation dedicated to sharing the vision of conflict transformation from within. Since 2016, Eva and Dalit hold annual transformative workshops where Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel learn key elements of Spiritual Psychology in a safe, shared space and dedicate themselves to building peace and acceptance inside themselves and their country.