How to maintain a healthy lifestyle and live in a harmonious environment on a daily basis?

Charming cottage located in the quiet countryside 30 km outside of Fontainebleau, France; surrounded by nature in the Regional Natural Park of Gâtinais will be the place for our July 2019 Well-Being Retreat. 

If you feel the need to balance body and mind, here is a retreat that will surprise you with common sense and well-being. The retreat is dedicated to teaching well-being on a daily basis with simple techniques, such as the four elements, the five Tibetan rites breathing, and the management of emotions, taking into account the four dimensions of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The retreat offers practical and accessible exercises for everyone to respond in a simple and effective way to the daily stress.

As human beings, we strive to find and define what harmony is and how to create it individually. We live in a time when the demands on the body, the mind and the intellect are increasing and the formulas for health are numerous. The evolution of our consciousness is such that we are now beginning to grasp the idea that the well-being of humans living in complex societies and cultures is a global analysis, rather than a compartmentalized-dissociated analysis: the body, the mind and the intellect being interconnected.

During this 5-day exploration, the goal is to abandon the old archetypes, to approach with joy some of the basic principles, exercises that can energize our daily life, support a living being, able to integrate the challenges of life into optimal well-being, healthy vision.

You will gain knowledge and practices that you can apply daily. There is no magic pill to take and no one else will do this work for us because it is the true commitment to self and perseverance that engenders love, fulfilment and joy in each of us.

To maintain optimal health, one must be attentive to many aspects of oneself, respect one’s rhythms, create a daily routine that engages the physical body and that also has the effect of stimulating the mind and other elements such as endocrine/lymphatic system, cardiovascular system and chakras, and thus an excellent starting point to help the manifestation of a day unfolding in its full potential.

Each individual has an incredible ability to store memories, emotions (painful and/or happy). The fabric of our body, which contains water, is a place where we keep our emotions and a place where we can let them go and then replace them with healthier beliefs. Thus, the importance of techniques such as basic cleanings, work on breathing, yoga, white and red tantra, kriya, body work, movement, etc., ensure that our tissues / fascia / organs remain healthy, relaxed and vital. You will write these routines and understandings in you, a colorful palette of old technologies of the body, the emotional and the spirit among which you will be able to make your choice, to experiment for yourself in your new world.


1.350 US$ for five-day workshop. Air-fares and travel to and from the venue are not included.


  • Accommodation in shared two-bed rooms with private bath
  • Daily tailored body-mind-spirit practices with Fabrice and Eva
  • Strategic coaching and spiritual counseling sessions with Eva
  • Five-days water cleanse


Eva Dalak was born and raised in Jaffa in a triple cultural and religious environment. She studied law and international relations at the Sorbonne in Paris and psychology and spirituality at the University of Santa Monica. She learned early on the interdependence of humans from all backgrounds, cultures and religions, and developed a great tolerance for diversity and acceptance of conflict as an opportunity for individual transformation. Eva has worked as a trainer and facilitator in the field of conflict transformation and gender equality with the United Nations, the European Union and various international non-governmental organizations. She has experience in very diverse, dynamic and complex multicultural contexts where she has supported communities and individuals in conflict resolution while using a variety of modalities and tools. Eva is also a spiritual psychology coach, passionate about human resilience and her ability to change.

Fabrice Renaudin was born and raised in Aix-en-Provence. He studied Primal Therapy at the International Primal Training Center of Dr. Janov in Los Angeles, and deepened the study of the body at the Institute for Psychoanalysis. He is passionate about healing and awakening as a result of the release of repressed pain and childhood trauma, and has explored a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual therapeutic pathways. He was trained in Hatha and Kriya Yoga, and deepened his practice with Oriental body technologies such as Qi Gong, martial arts, red and white tantra, Tibetan 5 Rites (also called Fountain of Youth exercises), Hawaiian shamanism, etc. He puts into practice various methods of body work (cranio-sacral, balancing energy, Thai massage, deep tissue massage, Esalen, Swedish massage, Lomi-Lomi, etc.), where the body is seen as a card, a vessel in which essential knowledge is awakened by meditation and more dynamic physical movements.